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Workshop on creativity and innovation skills

Shlomit Tassa-VP Strategic Business Development and senior facilitator. SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking Ltd

04/07/201215:00 - 19:00

Open the researchers minds to innovation, let them experience tools and principles that they can then apply to their work, leave determined to explore additional possibilities in their research.


The "Creativity and Innovation Skills Workshop" is an interactive session where participants will experience hands-on some of SIT's (Systematic Inventive Thinking®) tools and principles. This 3-hours intensive practice will help you apply some of the tools and principles independently in your own work. Specifically, content for this session includes:

• Myths and approaches to innovation;
• Overcoming Cognitive Fixedness, a barrier to Innovation;
• The basic principles of SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking®. What makes it unique;
• Introduction of the SIT thinking tools;
• Brief exercises applying some of the thinking tools as they are taught.


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