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Roundtable on Open Innovation


04/07/201211:30 - 13:00

ESTEVE: Eduard Valentí

Bayer: Norbert Kuschnerus

LTC Project: Xavier Marcet

REPSOL: Jesús García

Moderator: Francisco Andrade



Brief introduction to the Topic: F. Andrade – 5 min

Then, participants will have 15 min per both goals to address the topics:

Goal 1: Understanding current challenges in open Innovation:

• Successful stories of Open Innovation – The role of academia
• Addressing main barriers to implement Open Innovation: culture, process, resources.
• Open Innovation and Academic Institutions: is there anything new under the sun?

Goal 2: Visualizing the future of open innovation

• Open Innovation 2.0: what is next?
• How the academia (and academics) should adapt to address Open Innovation challenges?

Finally, there will be 20 min for questions from the audience.


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